Monday, July 7, 2008

Full Week Ahead

Looks like this will be a full week at the office this week with vacation and the holiday week now behind.

This weekend wasn't really what the doctor ordered. Plans were in place for rides every day, but the weatherman was completely uncooperative. Friday was blah. I was set for a group ride on Saturday, bike loaded up on the back of the car and ready to go, but then the rain came, just a as I was set to leave. Yesterday, despite the threat of a total washout, I got out with a friend for 26 miles west of home. It was a totally enjoyable ride and we were far from alone. There were cyclists out everywhere, obviously making up for the lost weekend.

Friday, I was able to squeeze in a couple of hours at the pool with the kids before the Independence Day festivities kicked off. There I did something new -- swam 10 laps. I don't think its a reach to say that these were the first laps I've ever swam. It was painful and it was ugly, I'm sure, but it felt good to add in a new activity. I'll be back to the lap pool.

Then there is the scale. Not so much cooperation here. I've been slowly ticking upward over the past weeks. It's been more than 5 weeks since I broke new ground and I'm sitting a few pounds over that average. As of today, I'm at 231.4, up 0.6 since last week. Still, I'm down 182.6 but this year, I'm down just about 10 pounds. To get a bit of recharge here, I'll begin journaling my food intake today. Although I know what's pushing me in the wrong direction, seeing it in writing will help get me back on track.



Amy said...

Way to go on the swimmage. Its something I've NEVER done. I mean I swim yes, but not as a form of exercise. I think it has something to do with the attire required to perform said activity! Too much exposure of my 'wobbly bits'. ;)

Andrew is getting fit said...

I reckon the food journal is a good idea. I find it helps me for sure.

Daiquiri princess said...

Swimming and biking sounds like fun. Hope you are keeping the pressure off your foot.

J~Mom said...

I just saw and article that journaling is one of the best things that you can do to help with weight loss. Keep up the great work!