Monday, September 22, 2008

A Date with Gigi

I feel like I start every post with "It's been a while" along with some lame-o excuse as to why. Well, I'm not going to insult you with any of that.

Last Friday, I headed to Western Louisiana for work. (My company does some disaster clean-up and a little rainstorm called Ike has sent me to the gulf region.) This wreaks havoc with the last few weeks of training for the Seagull Century ride in just a few weeks. I also haven't gotten a ride in since the metric, 10 days ago. Working through the weekend also wiped out any chance of exercising. Quite the opposite, actually, eating crap. Then more crap. Drinking too much coffee and diet coke, not enough water. And a few beers watching football at Buffalo Wild Wings (and wings, too, of course.)

I had tracked down a gym in Lake Charles, Louisiana, but hadn't made the call to see how they treat guests. Today, I brought my stuff to the office and around mid day, I made the call. Spin class at 5:15, $10 fee. Not bad. Tough part is getting out early enough to get there.

Getting back on track was worth the looks and comments that I got as I "snuck out" at 4:45. (When we're working on this type of project, it's generally 12-16 hour days for days on end. I put in a short 10 hour day.) I got to the gym, paid my fee, changed and was on the bike with time to spare.

After class, I hit the treadmill for my longest run in 3 months. 3.2 miles at just under a 12 minute pace. I was able to run 2 miles non stop. It felt really really good. One of my best workouts in a while.

So who's Gigi? That would be the name of the gym! GiGi Fitness Center. And we have another date for Body Pump in the morning!



Daiquiri princess said...

Glad to hear you got to the gym. Also glad to hear you are alive and well.
Take care and come home safely.

Pat said...

I'm tired just thinking about those long days. Good job getting the workout in.

chi said...

Ha, how did you guess? :P

Perhaps by August 09, I will be well trained and overall, prepared, to do the tri. I plan to register in a few weeks and see what happens from there.

For now my priority is to fundraise for TNT and make it to AZ for the marathon. Small steps :)

Re: Jennifer Lopez -- her times were on the low end, but I have to give it to her for doing a tri so soon after giving birth, without much foresight before she started training. I'm impressed with anyone who finishes an endurance event and is alive to talk about it.

The only person I'll knock is Katie Holmes. Even Oprah beat her time by a good hour. I don't know...I should be nice or I might end up with a worse time :P

Happy to hear you're doing well!

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Good job getting the workout in Jeff. Hope the body pump worked for you also.

Marathoner in Training said...

Glad you were able to get in a workout while out of town. Keep up the great work you will do fine on the comming races.

Pokey said...

Gotta get the Body Pump fix when you can get it!! AWESOME!

Cheryl said...

What amazing dedication! I can't even get myself out the door to walk a mile in the morning. That's great!

J~Mom said...

I bet that spin class felt good!! Great job tracking it down!!