Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The good news is that I've been able to maintain my balance over the past week. That's right, after barely being able to stand or ride without falling, this week, I'm back to my old stand-up self.

Got my bike back Friday repaired as promised. I was pretty sure it would be since I had made a pest of myself during the week making sure I'd have it for the weekend.

Saturday, I headed out with the group that was with me a week ago when my bike broke, plus one of the pedal and paddle guys. The goal was to stay on the bike with no mechanical problems. At my request, we did the ride from the week before that I didn't get to finish. Along the route, there were three milestone pointed out by one of the guys -- the spot that I got "pedaled", at about mile 6 -- CHECK! Then there was the spot at 10.7 where I made some derailleur soup -- CHECK! Finally, and I had forgotten about this one, we passed the spot from two weeks before when I dropped my chain followed by a seemingly uneventful fall, which I believe led to the derailleur problems in the first place -- CHECK! At the end of the day, 34+ miles, one dropped chain (less than a mile from the finish, damn it!) and no falls.

On Sunday, after sleeping in past my scheduled ride, my neighbor Kirk called and we headed out for another 34 miles. Beyond enjoying the ride, Kirk has been pushing me to get out of the saddle more. I take that back, let's say get out of the saddle at all, since I'm pretty timid there and would sooner spend 10 minutes climbing a hill on the easiest gear rather than power up out of the saddle on a hard gear. I'm also gun shy about falling (hard to believe, I know.) Well, on the way home, Kirk had me up. Not for long, but it was not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I'm feeling the power!

After two hilly rides, I was desperate for some flat land. On Monday, I met my dad out at the Baltimore & Annapolis trail -- a 13-mile paved, relatively flat pathway. We did one round trip together, then I did a second on my own. 52 miles for the day. All upright, too.

So what's with all this biking? Well, I'm glad you asked.

Mrs. FFRG has been pushing me to do a century ride before the year is out and I've been training just to see if I could build up the mileage to do it. She even bought me a book -- this one!

So I've been reading and riding and riding and reading. The book finds it's way all over the house. I also did some searching and, there just happens to be a century ride on October 4 in Salisbury, MD -- the Seagull Century. Yesterday just happened to be the early registration deadline. I had hoped that the 52 miler would be 60 or more, but by the end of the second loop, my back was killing me and I was pretty cooked. When I got home, I checked out my trusty book and there are stretches in there for the back -- go figure! I also figure 120 miles over three days is pretty good prep, too. So, I'm all in! Now it's just a matter of doing the miles to build up to the big ride. Looking forward to that.

But that does leave a couple of unanswered questions that I'm sure have been driving you crazy:
  1. What's up with those other foot type events on your schedule?
  2. You know, the Baltimore Half and the Marine Corps Marathon?
  3. How are the foot and ankle?
  4. Ya know, FFRG, you've talked an awful lot about biking lately, aren't you the Formerly Fat RUNNING Guy?
  5. Do you need a new name?
  6. What's up with that?

Well, my friends, stay tuned. I hope to answer at least a few of those questions very soon but for now,



Daiquiri princess said...

No fair keeping us in suspense. Sounds like a great weekend tho- and what great weather we had here too.

Remember to discuss those back aches and stretches with your friendly chiropractor- I know he was some other back stretches too that work wonders.
Take care and congrats.

Pat said...

I thought bikes were only made for cross training purposes. Good job on those miles. I think a century ride sounds pretty cool.

Andrew is getting fit said...

I wouldn't be too surprised to see your tag line change!

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

That is a lot of riding Jeff. Keep up the great work, I will wait for the updates. I also do not come out of the saddle.

Pokey said...

I thought we were friends? The email yesterday was only the tip of the iceberg....expect even more snarky comments about your apparent affinity for asphalt!!



J~Mom said...

What is Pokey talking about? LOL

I am so stinking excited for my long rides this fall....I am loving the long bike rides right now. They keep me right in my fat burning zone too so that is good! :>D Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

You know, you totally won the marriage lottery.