Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Perfect Run

Yes, I proclaimed that I wouldn't be running on Sunday, I just couldn't resist. The weather was damn near perfect for a run -- low 50's, sun high in the sky -- a day just begging for a run, despite Saturday's 10 miles and leftover wet shoes.

Turns out the shoes were still too wet to wear so I pulled out my old pair, dry as a bone of course, put on a long sleeve "t" and shorts, grabbed my ipod and set out for a run. The day was perfect and so was the run.

I wasn't looking for the big hills to my east, just the rollers to the west. As I set out, I settled in to a pace well below 10:00 and just kept going. And going. Often, my brain turns to thinking about how short I can run or I keep checking the Garmin to see how fast I was going. Not this day. I don't think I checked once until 2 miles in. At 4 miles, I had an option of heading home, but kept going. The perfect run continued.

Every glance at Garmie showed a 9 something pace. It was all going too well.

Making the last turn back into my neighborhood, I was ready to come home, but totally enjoying it all. Turning into the driveway, Garmie turned 6 miles on the nose. The time? 58:08. A 9:41 pace.

Now, I've had sub-10 minute miles and I've averaged just under 10 minute miles for long distances, but primarily on a treadmill.

This run blew me away. It was fast (for me.) It was consistent -- every mile was within 10 seconds of the average. And, most importantly, it was fun! Can they all be like that? Well, no, but the fact that any run can be like Sunday's is what's important.

Aside from the enjoyment of the day, I continue to be intrigued by the speed improvements. I truly expected that I'd only see significant improvements with added weight loss and I've been stagnant in that department for a good 4-6 months. What I have changed, however, is the rest of my workout routing, now centered around weights, with twice a week Body Pump and 2-3 times a week boot camp.

Can't wait to get back out there again.

P.S. Happy Birthday, mom!



Amy said...

Holy speedy batman!

I'm still not (nor do I think I will ever be) in a frame of mind that I enjoy running faster. I love me a good long slow run...

Way to go!

ps- now that the Habs are playing boston... I'm trying to sneak a hockey game into our trip. How amazing would that be? The Canadians AND the Yankees in the same weekend! :)

Daiquiri princess said...

Awesome Jeff. Just awesome. You are doing so well.
I am glad to hear you are having fun with it too.

Anonymous said...

I just LOVE runs like that.

Come run track with us on Wednesday nights and you'll probably see even more of an increase in your speed.

- Eric

Andrew is getting fit said...

That's what running is all about!

Pat said...

Under 10 for six miles. Wow! Are you ready for AOR? Whos all running on your team? You need to do a pre race post for all your fans.