Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Forecast -- Weather and Etc.

What a shocker, it's Saturday and it rained today. By last count, we've had exactly one nice Saturday running day for the Team In Training group. By nice, I'm talking about a day that was both dry AND warm enough to wear shorts. As usual, we seem to be able to get one out of two. Shorts today, but a nice steady rain the whole ten miles. Good news is it'll take my running shoes at least two days to dry out, so I think I'm done running for the week.

It wasn't that long ago that I'd avoid weather like today like I'd avoid the plague. Not any more. Now I kinda look forward to the crappy weather. There is something about the weather that I'm really enjoying, hot or cold, wet or dry, like a change in landscape. Mentally, it helps with so many events on the schedule, though honestly, I'm hoping that the price has been paid so the AOR relay weather will be just about perfect! (Certainly don't want to listen to my Arizonan team mates whining if they've got to run in a sub-60 chill.)

Today I got to run with a couple of TnTers that I hadn't run with before. I'm always bummed when I do my long run on my own. Not trying to set any records on the long slow run, just enjoy it, and with some new friends, it's all the better.

This week, with the kids on break, they got to their first ever Orioles Opening Day against the Yankess, no less, AND the O's delivered a win. Thursday's beautiful weather took us back to Camden Yards to see the O's and Yanks duel again and Monday, we'll head to the Nationals Park to see their home opener against the World Champion Phillies. (It will be my 46th Major League park, but who's counting?)

With break coming to an end and spring in full swing (giving advance credit for weather improvement), lots of running events on the horizon. Just two weeks until AOR, Frederick is a week after that and the Maryland Half is at the end of May. Just about then, it's time to start ramping up for Marine Corps. Wondering if I'll ever feel the saddle of my bike.

As for that pesky little job search, finally getting some responses this week. None that are terribly positive, but at least some of the resumes I've filed into the abyss are generating a response. Looking forward to more positive response very soon!

That's about it for now. I'm way behind on reading other blogs (and blogging too), concentrating my computer time instead on the job search. If you're one that I follow, I'm thinkin' about ya, just not reading.

That's it for now. Happy Passover and Easter to all. Thanks for checking in.



Daiquiri princess said...

Happy Passover to you Jeff. I will keep my fingers crossed for excellent weather for you for that 200 relay event- it really sounds like fun and looks like you will be seeing some great scenerie.

Take care and good luck with the job search

Pat said...

and I was proud of my 10 big league parks. good luck on the job hunt.

Amy said...

You realize when you write about the Yankees like that, its like jabbing a thorn right into my side? ;)

We're heading to Boston at the end of the month to see them play my Yankees... Can't wait!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Good luck with the job search Jeff.

Nitmos said...

Any time you stick it to the Yankees must be a pretty good time, right?

CoachLiz said...

And as baseball gets started, basketball heads into the playoffs. I cannot wait to use the Houston Rockets playoff tickets that the Easter Bunny brought my son!

Good on ya for running in the rain.