Saturday, February 7, 2009


Not much going on this week in so many ways. It's been 6 days since my 14 miler on Sunday and I have yet to exercise. Hard to believe I've done nothing. Absolutely nothing. Not a mile, not a kilometer, not even an inch of athletic activity.

I spent a couple of days at my corporate office wrapping up business. Pretty much two days of letting people take me out for lunch and dinner, including a bang up "moving on" soiree. After 19 years, it comes down to the people. The work is okay, but it's the people I'll miss. Some I've worked with for my whole career there.

Today started out with the Team in Training breakfast. All of the participants in MD brought together for some rah rah at the Hard Rock Cafe in Baltimore. There was plenty of rah rah. Don't know how anyone could have left that event and not start to ask people to give.

Then the day got better. . . had to be pushing 60 degrees. Just fabulous. Perfect for a run or a ride. Just not for me. Having trouble getting my mo jo-ing. Just feeling ambivalent. I'm trying to feel bad about it, but I can't even get self guilt going.

Tomorrow is the first Team in Training group run and I can't wait. Just a four miler, but I really can't wait to get out there. I need to go further, but I feel like I'm starting fresh, even though Tampa is just 3 weeks away.

Oh, and then there's the scale. I'm not even giving details here. Not hard to figure out what a week of no exercise, heavy meals and more than a couple of cocktails will do.

So there it is. . . full disclosure. Effective tomorrow, hiatus over, back on track. 5 days of work 'till "vacation", 21 days till Tampa. Lot's of work to be done. Time to get started.



Pat said...

Rest is good. I think the TnT mentorship will be good for you. And Gasparilla too. Good luck.

Daiquiri princess said...

Jeff I can't image how hard it must be for you to be leaving the folks you have worked with for nearly 2 decades.
So you had a down week.Its ok in the grand skem of things... as long as you weren't eating chocolate frosted fudge poptarts.
NOW- go kick butt tomorrow get ready for Tampa.
You called me this morning and gave me a Pep talk- Do you need one?

Andrew is getting fit said...

I hear you about how it's the people rather than the institution.

Amy said...

I've been sitting here debating on running today. I also have a 4 miler on my training schedule.

Your post 'rah rahed' me!

I just mapped out a route, and now I'm going to go wake up my snoozing pootch and hit the road.

Thanks mister! :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with getting back on track I hope the run does not tire you out to much .. Keep it up !!!

Dan Seifring aka "OBRATS" said...

Am I too late for a kick in your butt?

CoachLiz said...

Yup, rest can be good but you sound like you are ready to hit it hard again. Hang in there in the transition and get your Mo-Jo back.