Monday, October 20, 2008

Back to the Beach

Thanks to all for the kick in the ass. It was exactly what I needed and really helped me get some focus.

Today I headed back to the beach. . . South Beach that is. I had great success with South Beach from July 06 through early 08, but as my marathon training heated up, I found the need for more carbs. Since then, my weight has essentially been stable. Now I have nothing of significance on the calendar and workouts should be mostly an hour or so, so it's back to what worked before.

Last night I skimmed through the new "Supercharged" South Beach book. Best I could tell, the big difference is the section on exercise. The diet is the same -- lean meats and non-starchy veggies, especially during Phase I -- the first 2 weeks. No fruits at all. Gets more generous during Phase II after that with the addition of some fruits and more veggies.

I'm looking forward to some positive, ass kicking results in the near future.



Aaron said...

Jeff, I am on South Beach and have been inspired by your loss so far. I am pretty close to where you were starting out.

I am still in Phase One and probably will be for a while. How long did you stay in Phase One when you were first starting out?

I am typing this as I about to go for my walk/run/walk/run/walk/run...and so on. Tomorrow morning I see my personal trainer for some work on my legs.

I just felt like I should say thanks for sharing what you have done so far, it is really helping me.

Terry said...

Glad to hear you are back on track.
I dont like having to be mean ......

Aaron said...

Ok, I had a good walk/run and I have started a blog. What can I say, you have made an impression on me.

If anyone cares to check it out, it is

I hope the plug is ok, if not please remove it with my apologies.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Good on you. Go forth and inspire!

Nitmos said...

Nothing will kick your ass like a steady diet of green veggies and fruits. That doesn't make sense, of course but it's good to eat all the same. So, do that.

J~Mom said...

'bout time. ;>)

Pat said...

I think I've been on phase one since August 16th. The best part with limiting carbs, is that you don't have any cravings.

You'll do great.