Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blog Break

Seems like the library has become much more popular since the economy has gone in the tank. Second Sunday in a row I couldn't find a spot on the lot. You'd think they were giving something away. If I'm right, getting a spot at the Barnes and Noble must be a lot easier.

I'm sitting in a study carrel working on my resume. Gotta say, it was Deb's brainstorm to banish me here and it was friggin brilliant! It's coming along, but really, I'm wishing there was some football on tv to take me away from here! How many days until baseball season. Just working and thought I'd take a blog break.

I met my buddy Dave at the gym at 5:30 this morning for our "warm" long run. It was a crisp 20 degrees on the outside, but nice and toasty at Lifetime Fitness. Plan for today was 11 miles for me and 18 for Dave. Can I just say that I kicked some treadmill ass! The meter at 1 hour showed 6.01 miles. First time ever for 6 miles in an hour. I was able to run continuously for about 8 1/2 miles before I needed a walk break. At the end of the run, I had covered 11.16 miles at an average of 10:10. With 5 weeks to go until the Tampa Half, I am looking forward to crushing -- I mean CRUSHING my PR of 2:36. Okay, yes, I'm getting a bit full of myself, but why the hell not. My goal was to break 2:30 to qualify for the National Half Marathon in March, but 2:20 is in reach. Dave did a crushing workout today, too, knocking out almost 20 instead of 18.

Okay, back to work before Deb senses my slacking and comes to kick my ass!



Daiquiri princess said...

Sounds like a very productive day. Good luck on the resume. And Awesome job on the run.

Keep at it. You are doing great.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome..I can not fathom running 6 miles in 10 minutes..I am still working on 1 mile of running non-stop

Pat said...

I gotta get out there and train. Need to get as speedy as you.

I love our library. Wish I could spend more time there. Not to do a resume though. Good luck with the job search.

Andrew is getting fit said...

All the cross training on the bike is paying off in spades now!

Aaron said...

Man Jeff, your times are amazing. I don't think I can drive 6 miles in 10 minutes on I-270.

Erin said...

Why not, indeed!

Unknown said...

I always work better at the library. I think it's the fact that I'm sitting around OTHER people that are working too. Allows you to get into the mood. Kudos to Deb!

CoachLiz said...

Whoo Hoo!!! That is awesome on your treadmill run. With 5 weeks to go you have one more good long run in you before the taper begins.

Good luck on putting the finishing touches on the resume.