Sunday, December 7, 2008

White Out

What a weekend so far, I expected more
The forecast was dry, but cold for sure

On Saturday we hiked to Frederick you'll see
Going to meet Aaron, a guy much like me

5k was the plan, jingling all the way
Check out Aaron's blog for news of the day

Yes it was chilly, and we weren't quite fast
It was Zach, me, Paul and Aaron -- but at least we weren't LAST!

Late afternoon it started to snow
Didn't expect it, this could really blow

Not quite cold enough to stick to the streets
My buddy Dave suggested running in cleats

Easy for him to say, he thinks I'm a fool
Cause today he ran the Vegas full

The dining room table was covered with my crap
There was so much stuff, looked like a death trap

Three layers on top and two on my seat
Just two on my head and three for my feet

Didn't sleep well from about four
Before six I gave up might as well start the tour

Ate a bit, got dressed, head to my toes
Turned on the computer -- why who knows

Ann Marie's Facebook note said it all
Roads are icy, too easy to fall

I looked outside and what did I see?
A complete layer of white -- how could it be?

Maybe just a quarter inch was enough to do it
A slip and a slide was guaranteed to screw it

Despite my efforts to train quick and fast
I was so ready to go, the disappointment won't last

So what did I do with my unexpected day of leisure?
Not a damned thing (does anything rhyme here other than siezure?)

Time to start thinking about 2009
And finish this rhyme, it's mighty fine

Thanks for hanging through it I do appreciate
Your support and a kind word or two, four, six or eight



Daiquiri princess said...

Jeff sorry you go snowed out today. But it was kind of nasty out- Had dinner and drinks in Gaithersburg last night and it was not great getting home.
Personally, I am sick of this cold crap already- I want spring back.
Take care and keep up the awesome work.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Maybe TMI, but seize her might rhyme.

I'm just sayin'

Pokey said...

OMG Dr Seuss...I am cracking up over here!

Sorry you got snowed out :( I hate when that happens here!!

J~Mom said...

Snow, snow go away
Little Jeffy wants to play

I hope that next week it gets better
Or you'll have to run in a sweater

Snow, snow go away
Little Jeffy wants to play

Pat said...

sorry to hear about the snow out. Hopefully, you grabbed a sled and did some hill work.

Marathoner in Training said...

Jeff, what is that stuff on the ground in the picture? What is with all this dressing up, it is like 60+ outside. :P

Rob said...

Sorry about the snow out,
It is better than freezing your toes,
Better not to pout,
Take some time with a short doze.

Aaron said...

Jeff great time with you,
5K not all bad you know,
Haiku is my prose...

Nitmos said...

You got mad rhymin' skillz dog!

How's that? Trying to sound hipper and younger for today's youth. Nice job!

Amy said...

Way to friggin go!

MizFit said...

you KNOW I love it.

is it a tribemember thing that we can rhyme?

have a great weekend.

Ann Marie said...

What a cute poem! The NCR trail is this Saturday. If you're interested in running some miles, shoot me an email and I'll send you the details.