Friday, December 26, 2008

2009 Tri-ing to Du and Other Stuff

Finally getting around to firming up the 2009 event calendar.

Three major events are already on the calendar -- the American Odyssey Relay in April and the Seagull Century and Marine Corps Marathon in October. I'll likely do one of the two latter with Team in Training again. Frederick was such a great experience last year and it is such a worthy cause. (Don't worry, you'll be hearing from me again on this, no doubt!)

I've never been interested in the whole triathlon thing, but there's one that looks intriguing -- an indoor tri -- 10 minutes of swimming, 30 minutes of stationary biking and 20 minutes running on a treadmill with preset transition. So what if I can only do a few laps in the pool. No stress on transition, either. Looks like a great way to get my feet wet. Pun intended!

A duathlon -- run, bike, run -- is more up my alley. Hope to get one in. Not sure when, though there are a few options. Will add later.

The big winter event will be the Gasparilla Tampa Half Marathon. Just so happens, we have a long weekend planned in Tampa while the kids are off of school. Just so happens this is going on while we're there. Score! (But, shh, kids won't know we're going until we pick them up from school to head to the airport!)

The rest of the schuedule is filled in with plans for a few other running events.

So, here goes:

1/1 -- New Year's Prediction Run 8k
2/21 -- Tri to Help -- Indoor Triathlon
3/1 -- Gasparilla Tampa Half Marathon
4/19 -- Clyde's 10k
4/24-25 -- American Odyssey Relay
4/26 -- Pike's Peek 10k
5/3 -- Frederick Half Marathon
5/31 -- Inaugural Maryland Half Marathon
6/14 -- Survivor Harbor 7 Miler
8/30 -- Annapolis 10 Miler
10/10 -- Seagull Century Bike Ride
10/25 -- Marine Corps Marathon
12/6 -- Columbia Metric Marathon -- 26.2k

Looks like a busy year. Hopefully, my feet will hold out for a change.



Daiquiri princess said...

Jeff= WOW alot planned already- that is so great. You will do awesome- keep training, keep getting adjusted and keep that positive attitude.

AWESOME- plan and you look great!

J~Mom said...

Great schedule you have!! I can't wait to hear about the tri, I think you will like it! It only takes one to get hooked!

Pat said...

sounds like fun. but, I don't see any Arizona races on the schedule.

Got the family times today. You guys had a fun year. Although Andy sounds a bit pricey.

Aaron said...

Alright Jeff, I need to finalize my plans too...these look like great events!

Ann Marie said...

Good for you for getting ahead! I need to come up with a list like this. I wanted to do the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler with my sister, but it was full in 2 hours!

The indoor tri sounds awesome! Isn't that through Lifetime?