Friday, August 8, 2008


It's 2:20 in the morning and I'm working. Pretty much been putting in crazy crazy hours over the past couple of weeks and I have a drop dead deadline in the morning, so the shit's just gotta get done. This is on top of three straight weeks of travel -- very unusual for me.

Mostly, I've been cursing Excel. I've got these spreadsheets that have a few hundred thousand formulas in them and every time you change something or go to save, the damned spreadsheet recalcs and it just freezes for 3 minutes. (If anyone knows how to turn the auto-calc off, right about now I'd pay for that advice.) So, each time I get seized, I have time to write another couple of sentences.

Some of my travel has been to New Orleans. Not exactly a location known for light eating and I've been partaking in the local cuisine -- po boys, catfish, rice and beans, steak, you name it. Not looking forward to hitting the scale in the morning. (Well, later in the morning at least.) Exercise has been pretty non-existant during the week, though I did have a great 42 mile ride on Sunday.

This weekend, we're heading north to Boston. Going to visit friends in NJ, Boston and Cape Cod on the way. The highlight of the trip will be a visit to Fenway Park on Tuesday night. Deb and the kids are all looking forward to that. I've been there and, for me, I'll take Wrigley over Fenway any day. But what the hell, it'll be fun.

This will be it for a while. Will report back after the beantown trip.



Andrew is getting fit said...

I assume you have 2003:

1. Click Tools and select Options.

2. Select the Calculation tab.

3. Under Calculation, select the radio button next to Manual

4. Click OK.

To perform the calculation manually, simply press the F9 key.

If you have Excel 2007 then it's a checkbox in the Calculation group on the Formulas tab.

My bill:


Robert Barker said...

Have fun in Boston. I will overlook the dispargement of Fenway Park.

J~Mom said...

Yikes! That is early in the morning to be working! Have a great weekend!

Daiquiri princess said...

Have a great trip New England is lovely this time of the year- I just love it up there.
I thought about you on Sunday- Took the nephews shopping to Hunt Valley- drove thru Maryland Horse country and past a bunch of guys on bikes and kept looking to see if any were you or your brother.
Relax and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

C'mon now... you couldn't figure out how to turn off the autocalc function? With a job like yours i'm not sure admitting that in a public forum is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jeff... Just surprised to hear there is anything you don't know about excel. Anytime I can't figure out how to do something in Excel, I try to think back to how much fun I had learning the old CalcStar program on my Sanyo computer with dual floppy drives for added convenience!

Amy said...

I too hate friggin excel. Grr!

Glad to hear all is well!

Pat said...

So did you get enough offense at Fenway? That is a game for the record books. Hope you're having a blast.

Cheryl said...

Oh, catfish... YUM! I haven't had catfish since we lived in Oklahoma 20-some years ago.

Great job getting in a 42 mile ride!

I know nothing about Excel. Better listen to Andrew on that front.

Ditto what Rob said about Fenway. :-) Hope you guys had fun!