Sunday, October 25, 2009

Marine Corps Done!

Just a quickie -- Marine Corps Marathon was today. Finished in 5:59:56.

Much to tell. Will be a couple of days before I get it all posted.

Thanks for all of the well wishes and congrats.



Daiquiri princess said...

You did great... Hope you are resting and relaxing now

Pat said...

Everytime my phone text buzzed, I looked at your time and thought, "that's about what I did."

Congratulations. I just signed up for the Tucson Marathon because I was so pumped today. Why don't you fly out here and we can run it in December.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Way to go! I'm looking forward to the race report.

Coach Liz said...

Awesome job!!! I look forward to reading all about it.

Robert Barker said...

Awesome Jeff, you are now a multiple marathon finisher.

Jane said...

Hey buddy... its a sweet fruits of strong wishes and very hard working.. it all counts to be a aggregate of strong wish, healthy support and accurate fitness of the body, soul and mind.

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