Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When I Last Wrote. . .

Still nothing new on the job front. A couple of luke warm opportunities out there, but nothing to get too excited about. On to the good stuff. . .

Last week, we took a family trip to Williamsburg, VA, leaving on Father's Day morning.
What a blast! A day and a half each at Water Country USA and Busch Gardens. The kids were amazing -- we went on every ride at Water Country and just about every coaster at Busch. (Well, ONE of us went on every coaster. Zach opted out of The Griffon and Matty did the coasters without loops.) Needless to say, we left wanting more. Our one day at Colonial Williamsburg was a bit of a bust. Kids lasted about an hour before looking for an out and Deb and I weren't far behind.

June turned out to be a pretty amazing month for physical activity.

58 miles running, just a bit under my goal for the the month. I had planned for an off month after a fairly high mileage prior three months. Now begins marathon training in earnest with Marine Corps just over 16 weeks out.

My bike has been busy. Without a doubt, my highest mileage month ever at 342 with an average of 38 miles per ride. I can truly feel the changes in my biking ability. I've tackled just about every major climb in my area (other than the dreaded Illchester Rd -- 9/10 mile at 18%!) I've gotten over any paranoia about the climbs and am even hitting them on my own (without peer pressure, that is.)
As for diet, I'm down a bit from my last report. Still running in the upper 220's, but that's a lot better than the upper 230's. Just trying to control the snack bug that I've picked up as well as not over indulging on long run/ride days. Need to bank those calorie burns rather than consume them.


Nat said...

While we were running... the Boy did Disney... I think he had an experience similar to your own.

Glad things are going well on the running/biking front...

Keeping my fingers crossed on the job front.

Daiquiri princess said...

WOW- alot of miles clocked on that bike. You never fail to inspire me..


Born to Run said...

I love, love, love rollercoasters, so your post made me a bit envious. :-)

You have such a positive attitude about life, which is fantastic.

Great job on all the running and biking in June!

Cheryl said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all and Congrats on the biking!! Keep it up and keep the snack bug away, he visits here way too often.

CoachLiz said...

Ha, after water slides and roller coasters, Williamsburg is downright dull. I have been there and I know it would put my kid to sleep. My mom dragged me there and I had to pretend that I was engaged and enjoying the peaceful setting. Really, I was just glad I was not riding in the back of the car and that there were bathrooms.

Great job on your monthly run and bike numbers!